Thursday, 4 March 2010

Vote in parliamentary elections in Iraq began

Vote in parliamentary elections in Iraq today (Thursday, 4 March), in this country has started.

Hftsd about fifty thousand people are allowed before other voters vote their fund Byandaznd more than half million of their troops and Iraqi police as they could make up all their power to maintain security in the day the main focus Polls (Sunday, 7 March), said.

Security measures been implemented in Iraq, however severe in Baghdad today near a voting center explosion occurred at least five dead and 10 injured over the overlay.

Gabriel Gythavs, BBC correspondent in Baghdad says, while America is ready for the coming months half the troops out of Iraq to the elections, Iraq, important experimental assay is much stability in this country.

America has to fear the end of 2011 all its forces out of Iraq is significant and increasing violence in Iraq can schedule put out negative forces.

Prisoners and patients in hospitals in Iraq are from other voters to vote today to pitch Game Fund.

About 20 million eligible Iraqi parliamentary elections are. More than six thousand people are also candidates.

Iraqi security officials today about the travel restrictions across the country are carried out.

They also leave all the security forces have been canceled.

On Sunday, only 200 thousand in Baghdad are security personnel will be alert.

But despite intensified security measures not only the explosion occurred in Baghdad today, but yesterday (Wednesday, 3 March), the city بعقوبه suicide explosion Tuesday in sixty kilometers north of Baghdad, led to over thirty people killed and dozens of wounds .

According to the BBC correspondent in Baghdad in Iraq since the city بعقوبه scene Pykarjvyan clashes between Islamist and Iraqi soldiers have been.

Iraqi officials say the course during the past month have been able to do to prevent suicide are close to 10.

Iraqi al-Qaida branch network, elections in Iraq and called a political crime, said any action to prevent the holding of this election will hand.

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