Thursday, 4 March 2010

Earthquake in Chile during the day reduced

Researchers of air - space America, NASA, say during a day because of horrific earthquake in Chile has decreased.

Richard Gross, the researchers GPL NASA research center in California along with some colleagues of this calculation have been Nytjh to Earthquake 8 / 8 Richter Chile situation flow rate increased and this land during the day a little more than one reduced Millennium seconds.

Of course, this change is so low that someone will not understand it.

The researchers say the cause minor short to long days, relocation is made in the earth's crust.

Brian Bpty, the organization says Great Britain Geographical flexible structure of the earth's crust causes severe shock due to transformation and to change by the day to create.

Mr. Bpty said: "earth is hard and the atmosphere and oceans move. Upcoming shake the Earth with the axis that significant changes will show."

He continued: "great earthquake, such as what occurred in Chile or 26 December 2004 earthquake in Indonesia could lead to minor axis of the earth to shake. Assessment The assessment devices requires accurate and sensitive and should not be led to concerns . "

The researchers also used earlier had announced a similar calculation Earthquake 1 / 9 Richter in 2004 in Indonesia during the day, nearly seven seconds short is Millennium

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