Friday, 5 March 2010

Expressed concern at the UN Human Rights High Commissioner in Iran

Human Rights High Commissioner to the United Nations human rights situation in Iran, expressed concern and urged the authorities to travel to this country for export to the United Nations representatives.

Navi Pili day Thursday, Esfand 13 (4 Mar) simultaneously published annual UN Human Rights High Commissioner, said: "My deep concern of deteriorating human rights situation in Iran continues. Suppress violent opposition, arbitrary arrest protestors, activists rights defenders, journalists and prominent political figures has happened in this country. Many election protests because the role was, the trial courts raise questions, to withstand heavy punishment, including execution have been convicted " .

Ms. Pili said the current UN Human Rights Commission meeting opportunities with representatives of all that it concerns about the dialogue to them and ask that members of his office to give permission to travel.

Javad Larijani, secretary of Human Rights Headquarters of Iran's judiciary in the country representative the recent Commission on Human Rights meeting in Geneva, was responsible and there was met with Ms. Pili.

According to official government of Iran, Mr. Larijani Ms. Pili for travel to Iran has been invited.

Most charges of human rights violations in the country rejects this and wants join the UN Human Rights Council is.

Mr. Larijani during a visit to Geneva in an interview with CNN said that no one in Iran due to the protest is not a prisoner, who not executed because of election protests and police violence in dealing with protestors after the election events compared with the police Western countries have been less

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