Friday, 5 March 2010

Greece to pay debts 'Islands to sell'

Political allies of Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel called Greece to reduce its debt should think their sales are haunted islands.

Joseph and Frank Ashlarmn Shaflr the German magazine said Greece should بیلد their assets to pay its debt to affect sales.

George Papandryv Prime Minister of Greece later this week and Merkel met in Berlin to discuss his country's financial crisis.

بیلد in the newspaper headline: "Greek and bankrupt, sell their islands - Acropolis of Athens too."

This title inspired politician suggested two biggest European economy.

Mr. Ashlarmn senior Christian Democratic Party Ms. Merkel and Mr. Shaflr the Parliament of the Free Democratic Party coalition that is governing.

The two politicians told the BBC that debate started looking to Greece and the euro dropped to its value to help.

Mr. Ashlarmn said Greece is to sell everything to pay his debt.

He asked Ms. Merkel met with Mr. Papandryv quote any financial assistance does not Greece.

According to a poll published on Thursday 84 percent of people believe that Germany should help to solve Europe Union debt crisis in Greece do.

Greece has about 6,000 islands with only 227 inhabitants is about it. Owner's many islands are the world's richest people.

A special site value personal property and Islands each Ghyrmskvny Islands at least two million dollars has.

This site writes: these islands are not too expensive, unless you have Greek

Expressed concern at the UN Human Rights High Commissioner in Iran

Human Rights High Commissioner to the United Nations human rights situation in Iran, expressed concern and urged the authorities to travel to this country for export to the United Nations representatives.

Navi Pili day Thursday, Esfand 13 (4 Mar) simultaneously published annual UN Human Rights High Commissioner, said: "My deep concern of deteriorating human rights situation in Iran continues. Suppress violent opposition, arbitrary arrest protestors, activists rights defenders, journalists and prominent political figures has happened in this country. Many election protests because the role was, the trial courts raise questions, to withstand heavy punishment, including execution have been convicted " .

Ms. Pili said the current UN Human Rights Commission meeting opportunities with representatives of all that it concerns about the dialogue to them and ask that members of his office to give permission to travel.

Javad Larijani, secretary of Human Rights Headquarters of Iran's judiciary in the country representative the recent Commission on Human Rights meeting in Geneva, was responsible and there was met with Ms. Pili.

According to official government of Iran, Mr. Larijani Ms. Pili for travel to Iran has been invited.

Most charges of human rights violations in the country rejects this and wants join the UN Human Rights Council is.

Mr. Larijani during a visit to Geneva in an interview with CNN said that no one in Iran due to the protest is not a prisoner, who not executed because of election protests and police violence in dealing with protestors after the election events compared with the police Western countries have been less

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Clinton in Brazil: Mission impossible?

Regional backyard when America was named this week with American Secretary of State Target new mission. Hillary Clinton for its own good faith Fix new government policy to change America and Latin America difficult but satisfying week generally left the area leaders to increase pressure on Iran mission makes it difficult.

Hillary Clinton on a trip once again closed. This six-country trip Barhdf within five days and dozens of meetings and this new work is the easiest part.

The one hand, each six Kshvrnd political concerns and economic issues for the Meetings have Hillary Clinton and the other important programs that fields thousands of Latin American journey away.

Iran's nuclear program and Tehran year to improve and Latin America in four years several government officials has forced America to protest.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Latin America to one of popular travel destinations outside of the country has become. These days of political and economic relations sa "backyard America" is strong and the Socialist government to its own new Mthdhay is.

Venezuela leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called the Rabradr, Tractor Factory is established in this country and sent through the Spanish language network TV shows. Cuba accused the West of stone throwing way of progress is concerned eyes and before Washington his Brazilian counterpart Lula Silva دا to take arms.

Douglas Farah specialist Latin America two decades developments in Latin America Rabray Washington Post report says the warming relationship between Iran and Brazil is worrying for Washington: "Mr. Ahmadinejad is a few years trying to foot the Dasylva Iran to open But he never before invited Iran's president had refused. However, it seems that the change made. this fall to Mr. Ahmadinejad and Mr. Dasylva The Brazilian was announced Iran is next spring. Washington concerned This is because you think such a relationship to the regime's legitimacy. "

Mr. Ahmadinejad is a few years trying to foot the Dasylva Iran to open before but he never invited the Iranian president was refused. However, it seems that the change is made.
Douglas Farah
Just hours before the meeting with Foreign Minister America, Mr. Dasylva clean water poured on the government and said America should not Iran's nuclear program because of his controversial stalemate made.

America in the days when government to achieve consensus on sanctions in your water and fire undermines Brazil with sanctions against it, while non-permanent seats of the Security Council holds is not pleasant for Washington. Mrs. Clinton probably all their efforts for this position will change with all this success than anyone in Washington, he hopes that this mission.

Douglas Farah because activity in Latin America two decades have repeatedly said award procedure for understanding changes in Brazil's long-term program should look Dasylva said: "Mr. Lula of Brazil to the International Actors in the field knows that and is called Brazil will be a power in the Middle East peace talks and the Iranian nuclear crisis is raised to its credit in the world should increase. while Brazil and Iran's economic relationship between developed and Ratbat Although language and culture is not between two countries, but sub These factors become more closely related to Iran and Brazil have led. "

Brazil's most influential country in Latin America and that is economic Ghvly quickly following on its global recession is Rhanydh.

Brazil once before a new definition provided in the world of football and this time to rewrite the rank Dasylva Brazilian international politics

If Hillary Clinton demands of their more moderate Brazilian mission not his mission would be impossible. Perhaps the only solution to come out of the field to win the support constraint that the reason Brazil sanctions and merely ask Mr. Silva دا sensitivity to the West about Iran's nuclear program will focus on. Otherwise, the Brazilian public position in support of Iran and its nuclear program, is unlikely Mr. Silva wants دا Qdrtsh increase the prospect of presenting a leader to subjugate America Byndazd risk.

Earthquake in Chile during the day reduced

Researchers of air - space America, NASA, say during a day because of horrific earthquake in Chile has decreased.

Richard Gross, the researchers GPL NASA research center in California along with some colleagues of this calculation have been Nytjh to Earthquake 8 / 8 Richter Chile situation flow rate increased and this land during the day a little more than one reduced Millennium seconds.

Of course, this change is so low that someone will not understand it.

The researchers say the cause minor short to long days, relocation is made in the earth's crust.

Brian Bpty, the organization says Great Britain Geographical flexible structure of the earth's crust causes severe shock due to transformation and to change by the day to create.

Mr. Bpty said: "earth is hard and the atmosphere and oceans move. Upcoming shake the Earth with the axis that significant changes will show."

He continued: "great earthquake, such as what occurred in Chile or 26 December 2004 earthquake in Indonesia could lead to minor axis of the earth to shake. Assessment The assessment devices requires accurate and sensitive and should not be led to concerns . "

The researchers also used earlier had announced a similar calculation Earthquake 1 / 9 Richter in 2004 in Indonesia during the day, nearly seven seconds short is Millennium

Vote in parliamentary elections in Iraq began

Vote in parliamentary elections in Iraq today (Thursday, 4 March), in this country has started.

Hftsd about fifty thousand people are allowed before other voters vote their fund Byandaznd more than half million of their troops and Iraqi police as they could make up all their power to maintain security in the day the main focus Polls (Sunday, 7 March), said.

Security measures been implemented in Iraq, however severe in Baghdad today near a voting center explosion occurred at least five dead and 10 injured over the overlay.

Gabriel Gythavs, BBC correspondent in Baghdad says, while America is ready for the coming months half the troops out of Iraq to the elections, Iraq, important experimental assay is much stability in this country.

America has to fear the end of 2011 all its forces out of Iraq is significant and increasing violence in Iraq can schedule put out negative forces.

Prisoners and patients in hospitals in Iraq are from other voters to vote today to pitch Game Fund.

About 20 million eligible Iraqi parliamentary elections are. More than six thousand people are also candidates.

Iraqi security officials today about the travel restrictions across the country are carried out.

They also leave all the security forces have been canceled.

On Sunday, only 200 thousand in Baghdad are security personnel will be alert.

But despite intensified security measures not only the explosion occurred in Baghdad today, but yesterday (Wednesday, 3 March), the city بعقوبه suicide explosion Tuesday in sixty kilometers north of Baghdad, led to over thirty people killed and dozens of wounds .

According to the BBC correspondent in Baghdad in Iraq since the city بعقوبه scene Pykarjvyan clashes between Islamist and Iraqi soldiers have been.

Iraqi officials say the course during the past month have been able to do to prevent suicide are close to 10.

Iraqi al-Qaida branch network, elections in Iraq and called a political crime, said any action to prevent the holding of this election will hand.