Friday, 5 March 2010

Greece to pay debts 'Islands to sell'

Political allies of Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel called Greece to reduce its debt should think their sales are haunted islands.

Joseph and Frank Ashlarmn Shaflr the German magazine said Greece should بیلد their assets to pay its debt to affect sales.

George Papandryv Prime Minister of Greece later this week and Merkel met in Berlin to discuss his country's financial crisis.

بیلد in the newspaper headline: "Greek and bankrupt, sell their islands - Acropolis of Athens too."

This title inspired politician suggested two biggest European economy.

Mr. Ashlarmn senior Christian Democratic Party Ms. Merkel and Mr. Shaflr the Parliament of the Free Democratic Party coalition that is governing.

The two politicians told the BBC that debate started looking to Greece and the euro dropped to its value to help.

Mr. Ashlarmn said Greece is to sell everything to pay his debt.

He asked Ms. Merkel met with Mr. Papandryv quote any financial assistance does not Greece.

According to a poll published on Thursday 84 percent of people believe that Germany should help to solve Europe Union debt crisis in Greece do.

Greece has about 6,000 islands with only 227 inhabitants is about it. Owner's many islands are the world's richest people.

A special site value personal property and Islands each Ghyrmskvny Islands at least two million dollars has.

This site writes: these islands are not too expensive, unless you have Greek

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